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    The City of Eureka is embarking on a community-based specific plan for the Waterfront.

    The project area covers about 130 acres and includes Eureka’s Old Town neighborhood, the Commercial Bayfront and the Library District. Help us create a roadmap for development of the vacant and underutilized sites and buildings alongand near Eureka’s central waterfront.

  • Project Overview

     The City’s “Core Area” is the traditional center and cultural hub of the City. The Plan Area encompasses approximately 130 acres which include the Commercial Bayfront, Old Town, and the Library District.

    Planning Considerations

    • SEA LEVEL RISE The Waterfront Eureka Plan will address how to best protect the assets within the Plan Area and adapt to the new environment. 
    • POST-COVID19 ECONOMY The Waterfront Eureka Plan will promote tourism and entice businesses to locate in our vacant and underutilized commercial buildings. 
    • RHNA REQUIREMENT The Waterfront Eureka Plan will prioritize the development of residential and mixed-use buildings to add at least 115 dwelling units.

    Purpose and Goals

    Provide a roadmap for the development and redevelopment of vacant and underutilized sites and buildings along and near Eureka’s central waterfront, and plan for at least 115 new housing units.


    • A vibrant waterfront that welcomes new development while preserving community identity and culture.
    • A diverse and resilient local economy friendly to new business investment and the creation and retention of quality jobs while supporting equity and diversity, and promoting cultural celebrations.
    • A district with enhanced pedestrian and leisure amenities that inspire healthy and active living.
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    March 15, 2022

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